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OOH (Out of Home)

OOH (Out of Home) Advertising is a very popular channel to reach people as they live their lives. You can’t switch it off, you can’t turn the page, it’s unavoidable! It sits in the observers direct sight and also in the periphery. It is highly effective. We can assist you in obtaining the best pricing and optimised visual expression of your brand and message. Options are:


Billboards – billboards come in static and digital types. Static billboards are installed for four weeks and you get 100% attention from your target audience. Digital billboards are quick and cheap to install, however your share of voice is shared with others. Billboards a great for targeting both pedestrian and vehicle traffic and can’t be avoided.

Street Furniture – Street furniture is a low-cost investment and attracts vehicular and pedestrian audiences. It is installed for two weeks and multiple panels have great impact and high audience frequency. 

Shopping Centre Panels – Shopping centre panels are a great way to target specific audiences. They’re available in two week blocks and multiple sites around shopping centres. They offer great repetition and frequency and can be placed in high dwell areas such as food courts or in high traffic areas such as supermarkets and car park entrances.


Bus Advertising – Bus backs, Bus Sides, Bus Interiors, Bus wraps, Bus Panels, Bus Stop panels – Bus advertising is like having a moving billboard that goes around specific areas and attracts both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. It’s a  great way to promote your brand on a moving billboard and we offer great rates across this advertising category.

Taxi Wraps – Taxi wraps and panels are a terrific lower cost investment to advertise your product or service. They move around the suburbs acting like big mobile billboards. Once installed they are very cost-effective and you can book them for several month blocks to get great value for money.


Tram Wraps – Tram wraps have great impact and act as a mobile billboard for your product or service. They stand out prominently for bike, vehicle, pedestrian and also public transport uses.


Train Interior panels – Train interior panels offer a great way to showcase your product or service with public transport uses. Their long dwell times and the low cost make them great  value for money. Select the train line that best suits your product or service.


Train platform advertising – Train platform advertising is super local and is a great cost-effective way to profile your product or service. You may select a particular area and get exposure to public transport uses as well as local people using public transport.


Airport advertising, Departure Lounge advertising – Airport advertising is a great right way to target travellers and business people for your product or service. Have your brand surrounded by other premium brands in these high-profile AB demographic areas.


Cinema Advertising – Cinema advertising adds high credibility to your product or service. You have a captive audience who have nowhere else to look except at the screen.  A great way to reach your demographic based on the movie and cinema location. We can help you convert your ad to a large format for cinema or come up with a fresh advertising approach. Ask us how?

Rubbish Bin panels – Bin panels are hyper local and a great method of directional advertising to target people walking the streets to go to your shop, service or product. Very low cost very high impact.

Shopping centre car park panels – Target your audience on their path to purchase or talk to the actual audience who are the grocery shoppers to promote your product or service in the local area. A great low-cost way to promote your business.


Petrol Station Panels – Offerlong dwell times  and offer a captive audience. An option to promote your product or service where you can have an advertisement or just a panel.  This is a very effective way to reach a local audience.