2 Taylor St,
Yarraville VIC 3013


PRINT –  We’re able to look after all your print needs such as magazines, journals and newspapers. We can offer publications with a broad media base such as a major national newspaper to a more targeted publication such as a local newspaper or an inflight magazine.

RADIO – People listen to the radio in many different environments – home, car, office, while shopping.Most radio stations can be streamed on the internet too, which means people are only a click away from looking up your website.Its a great medium for people as they can continue carrying out their activities whilst still listening their favorite station.

OUT OF HOME MEDIA –  Out of Home (OOH) media delivers high reach and are situated in high visibility areas. OOH media includes anything from ad shells at bus stops and ad panels in trains through to Billboards on a highway and ‘wraps’ on a bus or even a plane!.

DIGITAL –  There are so many digital advertising options available it can be very confusing, Let the experienced team at Discount Advertising point you in the right direction. Digital advertising can be worked to a fixed budget and you can control who sees your ad