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Print Advertising

We’re able to look after all your print needs such as magazines, journals and newspapers. We can offer publications with a broad media base such as a major national newspaper to a more targeted publication such as a local newspaper or an inflight magazine.

Discount Advertising has a long relationship with the Australian print media. This traditional medium offers options across Newspapers and Magazines and also incorporates digital editions of these major categories. There are literally hundreds of publications across Australia from Niche local newspapers through to Major metro newspapers with daily readerships of hundreds of thousands of people.

There is well researched data on circulation, readership, demographics and behavioral profiles of print media. This allows advertisers to accurately target an audience of interest to them.  Most newspapers are divided into Early General News (EGN) and Classifieds sections. The former is most suitable for marketing campaigns and other advertising targeting a general passive audience. Classified sections are ideal for employment advertising, tenders advertising, public notices and the like. Here active readers seek specific information. Magazines are an excellent way to target niche audiences and are associated with high dwell times for eyeballs and have high readerships relative to their circulations. We have monthly and weekly publications available.

Discount Advertising can offer discounted rates in most publications across Australia and the ability to prepare associated artwork free of charge to our clients. Please call us with any print media enquiry or other need you may have. We will be only too happy to share our expertise with you.