Unlock Consistent Visibility with Billboard Advertising

Billboards offer a unique scheduling system based on the lunar calendar, ensuring your message is seen for a full 13 cycles throughout the year. This avoids gaps or scheduling conflicts you might experience with traditional monthly calendars.

Static billboard options:

  • Minimum booking period

    28 days (4 weeks)

  • Ideal for

    Long-term brand awareness campaigns or seasonal promotions.

Digital billboard options:

  • Flexible booking

    Book your ad for a single week (Monday-Sunday) or multiple consecutive weeks.

  • Ideal for

    Targeted campaigns, event promotions, or last-minute adjustments to your message.

This variety allows you to choose the perfect option to fit your campaign goals and budget.

Why Use Discount Ad

  • Find the best and most cost effective solution for your out of home advertising needs
  • We Negotiate prices on your behalf with the media
  • We don't charge you any fees, we rely on media commission
  • We are able to assist with design artwork. If you require, We also check that any artwork you provide meets the medias specifications.
  • We have access to unsold media inventory and we advise our clients when media is on sale.
  • What's the best media for my product I service? We can provide free advice & guidance on which type of media will fit your budget & obtain for you the best 'bang for your buck'!